School Fundraising Cookbook

School Fundraising Cookbooks

School fundraising Cookbooks can be used to raise money for your school? School PTA Fundraising Idea can be to use a Recipe Book Fundraiser to reach their fundraising target. There is no better way to raise funds for your school by involving students, parents and teachers in creating a cookbook that is not only sold to parents and relatives and the immediate community but will have enough to attract more people who love healthy cooking. Creating school fundraising cookbooks is not a complicated process. Here are the details that how you can get started.

Preparing your school recipe book

Preparation for a School Recipe Book is the first and most important part of such a project. If you get this right then you would have accomplished more than half of the work that needs to be done. So how do you prepare a school recipe book? You will need a committee of volunteers, who will be assigned the task to gather recipes, design cookbooks and working on the layout and lastly those who will handle the advertising and marketing of the finished product. The best people to form such a committee is a school PTA fundraising committee. Some school fundraising cookbooks would include recipes from students, parents and faculty members. This is always a great way to sell cookbooks.

Gathering material for a school fundraising cookbooks

Gathering the recipes is fun; all students can participate, they can go home and speak to relatives and friends about recipes and cooking, they could include a family recipe that has been enjoyed by their family and they can include it in your school recipe book to share with the rest of the school. You can include all the school staff members in the creation of your school cookbook, include everybody, ask your school dinner ladies and cooks to supply recipes. The more school members you include in your cookbook production will increase your sales, every contributor is a potential customer.

You can create your cookbook around a theme like favourite desserts. If you are going for healthy eating then you can make sure that your contributors are giving you, the recipes that are healthy and have significant nutritional value. Children might need some help with discerning the value of any recipe. Ultimately, the food has to be appealing for children as well as easy to get children involved in their preparation. If the object is to let children eat healthy food then making healthy foods cooking is an entertaining activity.

Creating your cookbook is easy, once you have your cookbook recipes you will need to have a cover, you are welcome to use one of our cookbook cover designs. All of our designs can be customised to your requirements, just let us know the title of your cookbook and we can add the text to the cover design of your choice. If you prefer you can supply your own cover.