Funds Raised

How much money can we make with a fundraising cookbook? This is the most important question, you need to know how much profit you are going to make. You make money by selling your cookbooks for a profit, all the recipe contributors to your cookbook are potential customers, they will love to see their recipe in print and purchase copies

Even more, Funds Raised

You can make substantial profits by selling your cookbooks you also have the potential to make even more money and funds for your organisation, why not sell advertising space to local businesses, if you are organising a school fundraising cookbook you could ask if any of your student’s parents would like to advertise their business in your cookbooks for a small fee. This is a great way to promote a food-related business like wholesalers, a farm shop, butcher or bakery business. You can approach local shops and businesses to see if they will place an advert in your cookbook.

If you are creating a church fundraising cookbook, ask members of your congregation if they would like to place an advert in your church cookbook.