Fundraising Cookbook Images

Fundraising Cookbook Images

Your cookbook wants to be full of great recipes, you can also include images in your fundraising cookbooks. You can fill your fundraising recipe books with images of the recipes; ask your members to submit images along with their recipes.

If you are unable to find suitable images, if you like cooking and have a suitable camera; you can cook the recipes and take your own photographs of the food. However, if you haven’t any suitable images you can search for suitable images online.

When using images in your cookbook you always must have permission or the right to publish an image. If you don’t have permission, you may have copyright issues. You can source suitable images from photographic libraries, you can search for them on google. You can pay for the right to use images, you can also find photographic libraries where they offer public domain images. Before using any image just check the licence before using the image, you may be required to put an Attribution, but this is not always required.

This may not be required but best to check.

Below is a list of websites where you may find suitable images.

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