Church Fundraising Cookbook

Church Fundraising Cookbook

Are you looking to raise money for your church? Church fundraising cookbook is one of the most efficient ways for churches to raise extra revenue. Producing your church cookbook will allow the church congregation the opportunity to come together to create a unique recipe book.

Giving church members an opportunity to earn additional income. Money raised can be put towards activities, events, families in need, and church repairs. Your congregation could come together and share their most prized and well-liked recipes with fellow church members, town residents, and anyone purchasing a cookbook.

How to Create a Church Cookbook

Creating your Church cookbook is easy. Encourage as many of your congregation to participate in your church fundraiser, once you have explained your project church members will be eager to help and supply recipes, if your organisation publishes a newsletter you could place a small advertisement, publicising your fundraising project and asking for suitable recipes.

Organising your cookbook will take time. You need to set a deadline for submitting recipes. When setting your deadline allow people plenty of time for submitting recipes. However, don’t give so much time that people will forget about your project.

Design Church Fundraising Cookbook

Allow your self plenty of time to create your recipe book. Designing, collating and typing up your recipes will take time.

Also allow time to edit and proofread your church recipe book. Create your church cookbook in a suitable desktop publishing program. Using software like Microsoft Word or InDesign you can design your recipe book.

You may have a church member who is skilled with design software. They can help you out with the design of your recipe book. You can organise your recipes into categories, use the types of dishes like starters, main course and desserts, you could arrange your book by the type of food, for example, meat dishes, fish dishes and so on. Once you have typed up all your recipes you need to proofread your recipe book. Carefully check it for spelling and grammar. You can supply your own cookbook cover or you can use one of our covers and customise it with your requirements.