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Cover Designs

We have a range of cover designs that can all be customised with your text Cookbook Cover Design FCBC18A Cookbook Cover Design FCBC18B  

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Fundraising Cookbook Cover

Your school fundraising cookbook will require a cookbook cover, you have a choice, you can supply your own design or if you prefer you can use one of our cookbook designs. One way to create a school fundraising cookbook cover is to hold a competition. The winner could have their design reproduced on the front […]

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Wire Bound Fundraising Cookbooks

We print all of our cookbooks and then finish them by wire binding. You can also finish booklets by stitching or by perfect binding; however we use wire binding for all of our cookbooks. Wire bound cookbooks lay flat on a table; when you are cooking and following a recipe, our book will lay flat […]

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Planning a Fundraising Cookbook

Creating a fundraising cookbook is a fun and creative project, its simple to organise and can potentially raise considerable funds for your good cause. Step One – Asking People to Submit Recipes for Inclusion in your Cookbook The first step in creating your fundraising cookbook is to source suitable recipes to be included within your […]

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Fundraising Cookbook Images

Your cookbook wants to be full of great recipes, you can also include images in your fundraising cookbooks. You can fill your fundraising recipe books with images of the recipes; ask your members to submit images alongwith their recipes. If you are unable to find suitable images, if you like cooking and have a suitable […]

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