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Introducing Fundraising Cookbooks

Welcome to fundraising cookbooks, if you are looking for a fundraising idea for your school or fundraising idea for your club, one of our fundraising cookbooks will help you to reach your fundraising target.

Fundraising cookbooks make an excellent fundraising project for schools. A school cookbook is not just a great fundraiser, it offers a great opportunity to get the children involved in the creation of your fundraising cookbook and create awareness of healthy eating and healthy food. The School Cookbook will be used for many years to come and your fundraising cookbook will educate children and parents about healthy eating.

Your fundraising cookbook will encourage children to think about what they eat at home and to ask their friends and family for recipes for your fundraising cookbook. Fundraising cookbooks can be sold for two or three times the cost, your fundraising cookbook is an easy fundraising project just gather all the recipes for your school fundraising cookbook together and you will have all the ingredients to create a successful school fundraising project that will help you to raise substantial funds for your school.

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How Much Money Can We Raise With A fundraising Cookbook

The great thing about a fundraising cookbook is that you can raise money by selling your cookbooks for a profit, you can also make more money for selling advertising space to local businesses, you could ask a local Butchers Shop or Bakery to sponsor an advert in your fundraising cookbook, this will increase.

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Church Fundraising Cookbooks, makes a Fantastic Fundraiser

Churches can raise money, maybe to help with the up keep of the Church or raise money for a Community Project either local or abroad, get your whole congregation involved with the production of your book, an they get to share their treasured recipes with other Church Members.

Choice of Fundraising Cookbook Cover Designs